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Thread: Is it wrong that I can't stop snickering?

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    Is it wrong that I can't stop snickering?

    Idiot is a felon at least 3 times over, with his first adult felony conviction shortly after turning 18.
    Milwaukee [WI] police suspect Otis Lockett of illegally having a gun, so they got a warrant to photograph his penis.
    He said someone unknown had shot him from behind.
    Det. Gena Malanche noticed two holes in Lockett's pants, in the front right waistband, and the left rear buttocks area.
    An arrangement only possible with the droopy pants look, without being shot through the torso.
    As it was, much more tender bits were blasted.
    We can only hope he hadn't successfully bred before that night, & that maybe this will prevent that from happening.

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    Not at all wrong that you were snickering. It is quite humorous.
    "When seconds count between living or dying, the police are only minutes away."

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