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Thread: Duracoat issues?

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    Duracoat issues?

    Has anyone experienced any major issues with Duracoat? I know it can wear on holster contact areas just like bluing will, but that's not the issue yet.

    I had my Desert Eagle 45ACP returned to me with it's new finish (2 coats of Tactical Coyote Brown, 1 coat of matte finish, and hard baked). Upon firing it this past Saturday I noticed what looked to be leather dye that might be transferring to the Durcoat finish from my holster.

    Now I do have some carbon deposits on the muzzle end of the slide and frame, but I noted these specifically where my holster makes contact.


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    will it rub off the gun with a rag? is the holster vat dyed or surface dyed, and if you rub your holster on some copy machine paper will the dye come transpose onto the paper? maybe the holster is getting sweaty and the dye is coming off. if it is, it is going to get worse until cooler weather.

    i have had parkerized guns that showed marks, but they rubbed off with a rag or your fingers. i have not been around duracoat yet. you should post a picture.

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