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Thread: Ludington enforcing no firearms ordinance in parks and beaches.

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    Ludington enforcing no firearms ordinance in parks and beaches.

    Was in Ludington today helping pass out "have you seen me" fliers regarding the missing 4 month old infant from the area on the beach,was OC'ing the .44 and a Ludington LEO on beach patrol rolled up next to me in his go kart thing and flicked on his emergency lights and showed me this ordinance and asked that i put it back in the vehicle,i explained mcl 123.1102 made the firearms portion invalid.he was still adamant on that no weapons were allowed on the beach,so i did go and put it back in the trunk,only because i wanted to get those fliers out rather than sit and play a P**sing match with the LEO all afternoon when both of us had better business to take care of,he spoke in a calm nice voice the entire time and other than asking me if i had a "carry permit" once,did not ask for any ID.

    Audio is worthless,wind off of the lake was blowing right into the mic piece,all that can be heard is wind.

    i have a camera phone pic of the ordinance he showed me,but i found it on municode...its alot easier to read

    Sec. 38-71. - Weapons and explosives.
    No person except a law enforcement officer shall bring onto park property or have in his possession on park property any firearm or ammunition; any explosive, dynamite cap, fireworks, airgun, pellet gun, or any device by means of which a projectile can be propelled; any incendiary bomb or material; any smoke or stink bomb; any tear gas or other disabling chemical or agent; any inflammable liquid except fuel in a fuel tank of a vehicle, vessel, camp stove or camp heater; any lighter fluid or starter fluid expressly manufactured for lighting charcoal or other cooking fuel, but no more than one quart of such, which shall be kept in its original container. In approved camping areas an amount of fuel not to exceed one gallon in a closed container may be in the possession of a registered camper for a lantern, camp stove or heater other than that contained in the unit's fuel tank.
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    Sounds like a good time to go to a city council meeting or perhaps write them a letter...

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    Try putting the recorder in your case upside down. It does keep the wind off the mic.

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    I left a message with the City Attorney and talked to the Sergeant in charge today. He was suprised an officer said anything to you about OC. He was up to speed as far as the
    law went. I recommended going over MSP no. 86 at role call to make sure all his officers were up to snuff. It sounded to me like they will be doing that. We still need that ordinance amended though.

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    Hmmmm, maybe I'll go for a walk today.

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    Dare I ask what kind of .44? Haven't been keeping up to all the posts on here lately. Not saying it matters, just want to make sense of it in my own head.

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