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Thread: Travelling to MN

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    Travelling to MN

    Can you guys help me out? Later this month I'll be headed out west on vacation, I'll be entering MN in Duluth, heading down 35 to Albert Lea, and then 90 west to SD. Can someone point me to a government website (AG, State Police, etc) that shows the "gun free zones", and also something confirming that my MI CPL is valid. I try to carry copies of government websites with me for the states I'm visiting....just in case.

    Any other help would be appreciated.

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    The Bureau Of Criminal Apprehension (part of the Dept. of Public Safety) handles all things PTC and Reciprocity.

    I think the link you want is:

    It's not working for me right now... That may be due to the Gov't Shutdown.

    The BCA is still open, you may be able to have them fax something to you....

    Minnesota Department of Public Safety
    444 Cedar Street
    Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101
    Phone: (651) 282-6565
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