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Thread: on my way home

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    on my way home

    i've been in New Mexico playing minor league baseball, but i suffered a broken leg last week, so i will be on my way home to Florida in the next week to test the waters on the word "briefly". i will be wearing a leg brace with a walker, along with my OWB serpa holster for my glock 26. maybe my leather holster. not sure yet. but believe you me- i will be testing the waters.

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    There have been no known LEO encounters or verifiable MWAG calls over it, yet. So don't get too special about what you think 'briefly' means. Just because some of us have used a broad definition, and not been busted for it, does not mean you are assured anything of the sort. I would recommend to err on the side of caution.

    I 'briefly' exposed my concealed firearm for over an hour on a friend's farm the other day. Introduced a very unpleasant new horse. I didn't need the hassle of sweating all over my gun. It was not as 'brief' as some forms of brevity, but more than others... Which form of brevity the law intends is not defined. After concealing for more years than I've been 'allowed' to even own a gun, I think it was pretty brief. Comparatively speaking... And one must compare when using a relative term, which 'briefly' is...

    Yay statute of limitations... :-p

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