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Thread: open carry groups in sd county

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    open carry groups in sd county

    hey all,

    i am new to this forum and i wan to extend my greetings to everyone. i want to know if and or where are open carry groups in san diego county, specifically in oceanside, san marcos, escondido, carlsbad?

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    Hey Casinoman,

    There are some OC'rs up in north county im sure they will chime in and say hi soon. There is a small dedicated regular group in the central SD area, next meet is July 9th see the thread for more details.

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    You should send Pullnshoot25 a PM. He is the most prominent north county UOCer That I know of.

    He has been a part of the SD open carry movement from the beginning and a really cool guy. I'm sure he can hook you up with some of the other north county folks.
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