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Thread: visit to Moberly WalMart

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    visit to Moberly WalMart

    Driving upstate to the farm, we had to make a stop half way for the baby that is teething and freaking out, I forgot the meds at home. So I ran into walmart to get more, this is the story. Time 10:30pm Friday July 9th 2011

    1st visit- went in, went straight to pharmacy was looking at Infants Advil, and I noticed a "Customer" walk by eyeballing my Sig. I grabbed the one I wanted and walked straight to the check out but noticed the "customer" was on the next isle being sneaky sneaky LOL Checked out no fuss. noticed a cop car out front when walking to my car.

    2nd visit- after getting out to the car the wife wanted baby oragel, so in I go. I went back to pharmacy, and looked and looked and then it hit me its in the baby dept. so I start heading that way and sporting goods was between me and the oragel so I stopped at the ammo cage to get some 40SW to I can get some shooting in Sat. and low and behold that customer was there calling in for the key to the ammo LOL he is LP, as I was looking to see if they had my ammo I hear, "are you a cop" I reply 'No" while still looking at the ammo. There was a customer and the LP guy there and the customer asked if I had my permit and I replyed no need. at the same time the LP guy is saying the same thing to the customer, that Open Carry is legal in this state and walmart follows local laws. as I was a little shocked that he him self was a open carrier before he got his CCW as he stated, I was in a hurry and no key so I asked if he could pull a box of FMJ 40S&W for me and Ill be right back, and I rushed to the oragel and ran back, as I got to the isle by sporting goods I see 2 cops walk by never seeing me. I start walking last thing I want to do is run up on some small town cops LOL
    I walk by the cops get my ammo and she tells me I can get it at the register upfront. as I walked to the front I said hi to the cops and walked by them and one replyed "hey can I see your carry permit" I just looked back and never stopped and said "I open carry, I dont need one" they had kind of a why didnt he stop look.
    checked out the cops passed me on there way out, I figured they would stop me out front, but they never did they just stood out front for a bit. as I walked out the door the LP guy was there and said I should have talked to the cops and I told him I didnt have time and they had no cause. and I left.

    3rd visit- as the wife feed the baby I need to use this head so I returned and the cops are still out front I start walking back in and say to the cops "sorry I had a screaming baby in the car I had no time to talk, did you guys have any questions?" and they said "no, your good" LOL
    go in hit the bathroom and get a drink and as im heading out the door the LP guy is walking around up fron and as we see each other I yell this is the last time, and he replies, "no problem Im happy to see you come in" and I go to my car.

    this was my ideal encounter, I could have done better in the communications dept but I was a little shocked at the ease of it all.

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    What is a LP guy?
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    LP=Loss Prevention. Good to hear that the police did not give you any trouble. Hope you and your wife were able to get away from Walmart, third time's the charm, right?
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    Most retail stores have LP. They not only handle Loss Prevention in theft, but also safety.

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    Me and my buddies deer hunt up there, and OC'd nearly every time, never had an issue. Glad to see your trip was a "good" one.

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