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Thread: A wee bit of history

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    A wee bit of history

    Who else was listening live as this all went down? I was so damned PO'd that I almost launched a shoe through my monitor.

    Chvala eventually got his (he became Bubba's new girlfriend) and watching Dominic slam Risser up at the Wausau hearing was priceless. Hopefully, that old fossil named Risser will be sleepless forever now that this bill is law.

    Read downward on this link as it has a synopsis of went down on the senate floor many years ago:
    Gun Control Defined: The theory that people who are willing to ignore laws against rape, torture, kidnapping, theft and murder will obey a law which prohibits them from owning or carrying a firearm.

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    oddly enough, Risser and his controlling ilk would probably LOVE to have the PPA that was proposed years ago with ALL ITS RESTRICTIONS....morons.

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