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Thread: news video story re: cc in church

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    news video story re: cc in church

    Milwaukee-area TV station WISN (Ch. 12) did a piece Friday about cc in church.
    (Gives me waaaaay too much 'credit' (maybe blame?) for kicking the cc ball toward the goal.)

    The usual "we're doing it for the children" response from one place,
    the completely illogical "signs will keep bad people out" thought from another,
    plus a statement from a Madison church office that they won't allow concealed weapons.
    (A - how will they know? B - that means we can carry openly, right?)

    And, as usual, I was misquoted. I did call & ask them to correct it, but so far nothing.
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    You are SUCH a trouble maker.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Brass Magnet
    You are SUCH a trouble maker.
    I said they gave me way too much credit (or blame, depending on how you look at it).
    Besides, she called & woke me up Thurs. morning to ask for an interview on Fri.
    We actually talked Fri. for maybe 20 minutes.

    Talk about troublemakers: they tried to get me to put my pistol on the table for some video.

    Had to explain that no, there's no law that specifically prohibits me from doing that, but completely aside from the safety issue, it could very well be used as the basis for a DC charge, and potentially something like menacing or assault if someone really wanted to push it.

    The coffee shop where we met is cool with carriers.
    Sherman Perk; 4924 West Roosevelt Dr.; Milwaukee; 53216
    4 blocks due north from St. Joes' Hospital.
    Very family-friendly, free wi-fi, & they even have a bowl of water for dogs out on the patio.
    There is a school 1.5 blocks away to the west, so park in the attached lot.

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    ^ I know that place! Quaint little coffee shop, super cheap on pricing, and absolutely AWESOME coffee!!!! I saw your post way to late to make it there, otherwise I would have happily joined you.
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