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Thread: Which 'out of state' permit, paired with WI, allows for the highest number of states

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    Which 'out of state' permit, paired with WI, allows for the highest number of states

    for a WI permit holder to carry in?
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    Wont be able to get a complete answer until you know what states the WI permit will be recognized in.

    But until then....AZ, FL, or UT would be the 3 to look at. Each will cover you in about 30 states.

    AZ will cost $60, a copy of your WI permit will suffice for training req, can be had thru mail in about 2 weeks.

    UT will cost about $65, you will need to take a UT-specific safety class, thru the mail in about 45 days.

    FL will cost you $117, will need a copy of a certificate for a safety class (class you took for WI permit probably suffice), thru the mail about 60 days.
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    More on the Subject

    MN does not recognize FL, resident or not, but MN does recognize UT non-resident permits. An AZ permit is not valid in MN either. That is important if you get to MN very often. UT is the way to go. The consensus on this forum is that MN is not likely to honor a WI permit because the MN training requirements are more stringent than the WI requirements.

    The training requirement for a FL permit is a bit tighter than the WI requirement, but not much. The Florida Dept of Agriculture, the permit issuing agency, tell me that the best bet for FL permits is any NRA course signed by an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor with his/her NRA Instructor Number below the signature. Courses not certified by the State of Florida, a Law Enforcement Agency, an agency in another state that certifies instructors, or the NRA need to be "checked out" by FL.

    Initially, a WI permit will be recognized by only 12 states. These are the states that honor all valid permits from all states. Many states only recognize out of state permits following a formal reciprocity agreement. Only 12 states, UT, AZ, VT, OK, KY, TN, ID, IA, SD, AK, OK, and MI (resident permits only) honor all valid permits

    Reciprocity and recognition are two different things. And recognition is very important to states like FL who will not enter into reciprocity with another state until and unless that state has committed to recognizing a FL permit. The WI DOJ has until November 1 to promulgate a list of states that WI will honor permits from. Going the other way, getting states to recognize the WI permit may take some time as the Attorney General (or other DOJ Official) must entere into formal reciprocity agreements. For a time, WI may honor a permit from a state that does not (yet) honor a WI permit.

    The Yellow Cat with the M-4 will be returning to WI, perhaps as soon as 2 weeks hence, and will give NRA Courses and the UT Permit Course for considerably less than the $125 - $160 fees that some instructors are demanding. A Utah permit satisfies the WI training requirement.
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