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Thread: 2A OC Festival in Prescitt AZ

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    2A OC Festival in Prescitt AZ

    Just an idea. With Ruger being in Prescott perhaps they might be willing to get behind a festival of sorts in the town square celebrating our 2nd amendment. Seems like this type of thing is more common in other state where they are still dealing with a lot of the issues with open carry that we hardly have to deal with here in AZ...but lest we forget. Just because we live in state that is considered a "gold star state" by 2A supporters doesn't mean can't still do things to be good ambassadors for 2A rights. All we would need is a couple of business to get behind it and things would develop from there.
    I travel to Prescitt (not PrescOtt, thatís how they know yer a flatlander!) to work often so I would be willing to help organize and even contact the city but one of you up there would need to take the lead and might have better luck convincing others as a local.
    I know probably just pie in the sky idea but even a stopped clock is right twice a day!

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    That would make for a nice ride. Count me in.

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