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Thread: Finally got responses from Risser and Berceau...

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    Finally got responses from Risser and Berceau...

    First of all, I would like to extend a very sincere Thank You to all of you who have been instrumental in getting our new CCW law signed.

    I sent letters to my legislators without result, not so much as a note back saying they received it. Well, within the last week, I got letters back from Risser and Berceau basically bragging to me about how they did not support the current law. Berceau went on to quote many non-facts from WAVE and tell me how the people of Wisconsin are overwhelmingly opposed to this law (yeah, right). All I can do is vote against them again in the next election, but fact is I live in this district that is overwhelmingly left. She is probably scared that some of her long time supporters may have to move back to Chicago now that the law abiding can have a chance to fight back.
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    Hang onto that email, & give a copy to whomever runs against them in the next election.

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