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Thread: Voice Recorder App for the Droid

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    Voice Recorder App for the Droid

    Voice Recorder from Android Market

    This is a handy voice recorder app for the Droid OS platform. This app allows you to upload a recorded conversation to your email. Currently you have to elect to upload the conversation once it is completed, however I've been in contact with the developer for an update to the Pro version that will automatically upload the conversation once the device has stopped recording.

    The Pro version of the app is under $4 to buy. Worth it to me, I'll let you all decide.

    I have no idea if this is available for the IPhone.

    *NOTE* Pro feature does NOT currently auto upload. I'll let you know when I have tested the beta from the developer and it becomes public. Please don't buy the app and then get mad at me when it doesn't auto upload to your email when you hit the Stop button, because it doesn't do it yet!
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    This is a good app. I've used the free version for over a year now. Works good to record something to send to your friends as a MMS also. If you get stopped by the 5-Oh for instance and record yourself saying "help help I'm being repressed" you can send it to your Monty Python fan buddies.
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