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Thread: Fondi Pizza in Gig Harbor OC friendly

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    Fondi Pizza in Gig Harbor OC friendly

    I had to get out of the house today so I took my girlfriend to Fondi Pizzeria in Gig harbor right next to galaxy theater. We had been there once about a year ago and had great service and great food but I was not open carrying. Today I walked open carrying my XD and a few extra mags. The restaurant was moderately busy but we had no problems getting a table. Right away I noticed several employees eyes lock on my gun, nothing was said and none of the employes acted intimated at all. We where sat at a great table and revived excellent service just like out first visit. The only person who really seemed to care about my gun was our waiter who looked at my gun and grinned every time he walked by. The food was excellent and very fairly priced, we took our time eating and talking after the food was gone without any problems at all. I made sure to leave a good tip in a appreciation. All of the staff where very friendly as we left telling us to come back anytime. The only concerned look I got was when I was leaving I held the door open for a older couple walking in. They looked frightened at the sight of my gun and then confused when I held the door open for them and asked them how there day was. I think its important to be well mannered while open carrying. Over all a great lunch and a very relaxed stress free environment for open carry. Sense I know it didn't happen unless there are pictures here ya go!
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    The "Older Couple" was probably worrying about going into a Pizza Parlor that needed an armed doorman
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    Quote Originally Posted by amlevin View Post
    The "Older Couple" was probably worrying about going into a Pizza Parlor that needed an armed doorman
    That got a chuckle out of me this morning. Thanks.

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    I've been there several times OC, and I never had a problem either. In fact, I've been in most of the stores in Uptown G.H., and never had a question.

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    I OC at the Hi Yu Hee Hee. Never a problem there.

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    And, if you're ever in Seattle and want some truly great pizza, check out All Purpose Pizza. I've OCed in there since moving to WA three years ago, and they've all been amazing. Some of the best pizza I've ever had, and a truly exceptional staff. If you're in there OC, they'll probably ask if I sent you .
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