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Thread: Questioned by Branch Manager - KeyBank on Broadway

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    Questioned by Branch Manager - KeyBank on Broadway

    About an hour ago, I went into my usual KeyBank branch on Broadway Avenue in Boise to deposit some checks and replace a $20 bill I had managed to rip in half. Upon walking in, there were three tellers behind the counter, and the branch manager at her desk in the far corner of the room. I was open carrying my Springfield 1911 A1 Stainless in a black leather holster on my belt. As I waited in line, I made eye contact with the manager, and politely waved and smiled at her. Upon turning back toward the teller counter, I hear the manager's voice, "How are you doing, sir?" Having already made contact with the manager, I assumed she must have been talking to someone else. When I turned, she was right beside me, and asked, "Can I ask why you have a gun in the bank?" I responded with, "It's my right as an Idaho citizen. Does KeyBank have a corporate policy against it, or are you asking me not to bank here anymore?" She replied, "No, no, it's just that we've been robbed three times here, so we're very sensitive to it." I told her that I both understood her concern, and was sympathetic to it, but if it were me, I would prefer more citizens in the bank to be visibly armed, so as to deter future robberies and be able to respond if necessary. She didn't appear convinced, so I smiled and said, "Besides, how many bank robberies that you have heard of or read about, in the entire history of the world, were committed by criminals who wore their weapons openly?" She smiled and admitted, "That's true, I suppose." I extended my hand and introduced myself, then turned to the open teller and completed my business.

    Bear in mind, I visit this branch at least twice a week to deposit checks and cash, albeit typically at the drive-up. However, when I purchased my truck, I had the title notarized by an assistant manager in front of the branch manager, which was a 20 minute or better interaction. I have also been inside the branch on several other occasions while open carrying, at least once while the branch manager was in there. Furthermore, she was the one that helped me open my account! It's not exactly like I'm an unknown quantity to them.

    Overall, I was surprised, as this was the first time I have had any type of anti-encounter since moving to Idaho last August. However, I felt as though the interaction went well, and I doubt I will have any future hiccups at this branch. If I had been more on my toes, I would have liked to bring up to her that she likely has dozens of concealed carriers coming through her branch every week. However, when push comes to shove, all's well that ends well.

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    At least you were able to engage her in conversation and provide a little education. Also on the plus side, she didn't ask you to leave.
    "When seconds count between living or dying, the police are only minutes away."

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    I can understand their apprehension if they've been robbed a bunch recently, but the key like you said is to help them understand that there are a lot of us that are law-abiding out there that would help deter robberies.

    I still haven't had any negative encounters in Wells Fargo off Broadway (Next to Albertsons).

    The teller I've dealt with the most, Rahmeen is awesome. Plus we were B/Sing about guns while getting my cashier's check.

    That's good service

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    I believe Wells Fargo is "State Law". I have never had a problem with mine, though like the above, most of the time I use the drive up to make my deposits.

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