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Thread: Executive Action

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    Executive Action

    So I am watching FNC and these are a few quotes that were thrown out:

    "Obama to unveil gun control reforms in near future"
    "White house says there is some sort of executive action that we will see very soon on this topic"

    I am going searching on their web-site now to try and find the story. If anyone has any news to add to this that would be helpful. Any comments welcome!

    No matter what is done, in whatever way, I am 100% against all Executive Actions, as they surpass our collective vote, and our voted in Representatives and Senators. I actually see this as a one step worse than legislating from the bench.

    ETA: This isn't the story I saw a few minutes ago, but it is highly related.

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    Obama isnt president, he is a king, he can do what he pleases. The peasnts arent willing to go to war, so we will lose. I think the .gov takes great pleasure in watching the country die slowly, as opposed to just putting her down quickly.

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    It's probably just "common sense" exec orders. Total "Assault weapons ban" you must turn it in by the end of the business day or it's the death penalty. You know, to protect poor Mexico. Hi cap mag ban, all mags over two rounds are not needed. No grandfathering in, a total ban with 20 years in jail for each mag possessed. Its needed to stimulate the BATFE's economy. Just little things like that I'm sure.

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    This article also ref's the EA, and talks about a new rule for border state gun shops.

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