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Thread: Tillamook Sate Forest, cannot posses a loaded firearm?

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    Tillamook Sate Forest, cannot posses a loaded firearm?

    I was just reading through this website of the Oregon Forestry Department, and I remember clearly being able to open carry last year at a Tillamook run campground with no issues. Maybe I am not reading this correctly, or misunderstanding it? See section C at the bottom, also links are provided. I was under the impression that unless it is a privatley owned campground open carry is legal?


    Designated Recreation Areas.

    (1) State forest lands designated by the Forester as "Designated Recreation Areas" may include, but are not limited to campgrounds, camping areas, day use areas, trailheads, staging areas, and boat launch sites. Maps showing the Designated Recreation Areas shall be kept on file at the State Forester's office and the applicable District office, and shall be available for public inspection during normal business hours.

    (2) General Forest Recreation Rules as outlined in OAR 629-025-0040 shall be applicable to Designated Recreation Areas. In addition to those rules, the following rules shall apply:

    (3) Occupancy and Use:

    (a) At areas where camping is permitted no person shall camp longer than 14 days out of any 28 day period at a designated recreation area.

    (b) Leaving personal property unattended will be considered camping for the purposes of determining the length of stay at a given site.

    (4) Firewood: No person shall collect firewood within the boundaries of any designated recreation area.

    (5) Firearms, Weapons, Explosives: Within a designated recreation area no person shall:

    (a) Hunt, pursue, trap, kill, injure, molest, or disturb the habitat of any bird or animal;

    (b) Discharge any firearm, pellet gun, bow and arrow, slingshot or other weapon capable of injuring any person, bird, or animal;

    (c) Possess any loaded firearms; or

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    Accoding to OFF, that OAR is no longer law or enforceable.

    I believe OFF's take on it is through preemption with a permit. i.e. an Oregon permit trumps.

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    Is that state forestry section a "regulation" or administrative "Rule" Here in WA we call them WAC (washington Administrative Code)?

    If so, you need to contact the Oregon state forestry department and have them ammend their "rule" to match Oregon statute Law.
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