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    Shooting spot down south

    Im going south of tucson to nogales this weekend and have been looking for
    a shooting spot but I have only found 1 on ruby road on the way to pena blanca lake
    but its currently closed due to the fires.

    Can anyone help me out?
    Does anybody know of any other spots down there?
    I know its legal to shoot 1 quarter of a mile from any occupied building or road(if not posted)
    But since im taking kids for there first time shooting I would feel
    Safer in a good known spot.

    I called the nogales P.D. And the nogales sheriff's office, but they couldnt help me.??????

    Thanks in advance.

    I know this is an open carry forum so if I may please add that I will be Open carrying there.

    Stay safe.
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    try this.
    It lists WHERE there are shooting ranges.

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