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Thread: You gatta see this..

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    You gatta see this..

    This maybe old news to some, but... I thought this was worth sharing.

    May hat is off to her story. And her loss is unimaginable.

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    This is VERY old news, but videos of Susan Gratia-Hupp are ALWAYS welcome. Her story is tragic, but she turned it into something very positive--she changed TX law--got them to enact Shall-Issue CC. And she also got elected as a State Representative, and served with honor.
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    Yes This story is very touching. but you know I will honestly say that was my first time to see it other than just a little news footage. but all I could do was CLAP my hands after the video ended Man I wished I could have been there to hear it in person.
    could you imagine the response from the crowd and the hatered from those legislators. or i just wished i could have been a fly on the wall lol either way that was a very great speach she made.
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    I must say, I have never heard of this woman, perhaps I am too young. Here's a little back story for those who also don't know.

    Nonetheless that video was incredibly powerful.
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    It is crazy how many tones that video gets reposted by people only just now discovering it. Maybe it is a sign that her story needs to be publicized a little more.

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    thanks for sharing. i've always completely agreed with her last comment. that IS WHAT GUN RIGHTS ARE FOR!!!!! Protection of the citizens against oppression and tyranny.

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