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Thread: great clips nampa is not gun friendly.

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    great clips nampa is not gun friendly.

    used an iwb with a virginia tuck and she noticed when i stood up after the cut. gave me a smart@ss remark so i nicely informed her open and concealed is legal in this state. "well next time you come in just leave it in the car" "gangsters would love to have a shootout with you". hesitated before tipping but not wanting to make law abiding carriers look bad i did. she might eventually change her mind so i didn't want to leave her sour.

    1-10 the cut was a 4-5.

    OCd at nampa supercuts several times but im not sure if they noticed. they have better looking girls and cuts so ill pay the extra dollar.

    be good all

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    Silver Shears in Nampa is carry friendly. Behind Papa Murhy's Pizza on Caldwell Blvd.

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    Fantastic Sam's next-door to Wild Bill's Barbeque in Meridian is also gun-friendly. No problems in the last 2 and a half years.

    I wouldn't have tipped her and would have made sure that her manager/owner knew her attitude cost them your business.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jugglzo View Post
    ..."gangsters would love to have a shootout with you"...
    My response?

    "No.... They wouldn't. Trust me."

    And if they did? ...Well, you gotta give props to anyone who dies doing what they love.
    "Molon Labe."

    "People sleep peacably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

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