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Thread: Weapon Storage

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    Weapon Storage

    So here's the situation. I am traveling out to Ellsworth AFB for work. I carry where ever I go. However since I am traveling during Sturgis hotels are limited and I have to stay on base. I can't bring my weapon into base lodging. I've trying to figure out the best way to store the weapon off base so when I leave the base I can quickly grab it. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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    I don't have a concrete answer, but here are a few brainstorming ideas - -

    Call a few self-storage places and ask what the shortest lease term is that they have. They might cut a deal if you tell them you only need a space to store stuff while moving from one apartment to another (a week or a month for instance)
    Call the Provost Marshall and ask if they have any ideas
    Open an account at a bank and ask for a safe deposit box (of course that limits you to 'banker's hours')
    Is there a YMCA or equivalent in the area?
    Is there a 24-hour gym with monthly membership? 2 locations
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