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Thread: Banner shooting range

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    Banner shooting range

    I'm getting tired of driving 40 minutes to and from my friends' private property in the middle of nowhere for handgun practice with paper and explosive targets. I have never spent time at an 'actual' range, and I'm curious if any of the members here in central Iowa have been there before and if so, what I can expect. BTW, I realize that the explosive target chemicals will have to stay at home!

    Here is a link to the DNRs website for those who may not be familiar with the facility:;tabid=1356

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    I've been there once, it was new for me as it was my first time at a "real" shooting range. I spent about an hour and a half shooting my mosin. RO's didn't even say anything to me about anything, so they seemed reasonable. Cease fires were thankfully infrequent. I would go back if it was not pretty far away from me, here in Ames.

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