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Thread: Free Online NM 'Carry Without A Permit' Course

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    Free Online NM 'Carry Without A Permit' Course

    Any time there's a gun show in Las Cruces, I set up a table to sell class seats and meet new people. Plus it gives me an excuse to spend all day at the show and stare at guns

    Unfortunately I get a lot of snide remarks from people who are against licensed carry. They think I'm part of some dastardly scheme to deny them their gun rights. Truth is, I really like guns and am very passionate about our rights and it hurts to have people think I'm their enemy.

    For the last couple of months, I've been working in my spare time on a special project to prove my commitment to our rights. It's a free online "Carry Without A Permit" course.

    Click here to check it out

    While I do have some pride in ownership, I am open to constructive criticism. PM me or post here with any ideas for improvement.

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    Thanks for the link. I have many of the laws filed away, but your course is the best summary of NM information I have ever seen in one place. If anyone wants to know about open/concealed carry in NM, your course is the spot. It has much more info than my instructor did in the CCW course.

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    Thanks heaps
    A gun Owner Is A Citizen
    Anyone Else is a Subject

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