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Thread: First post. Considering open carry

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    First post. Considering open carry

    Hi all. I've lived in Rapid for pretty much my entire life. I've also been a gun nut pretty much my entire life I shoot at Beretta road (and victoria lake rd. until recently) regularly and compete in shooting matches in Spearfish and Sturgis (waiting for Rapid to get a range).

    I turned 18 last October and got my CCW the next day. I'm still working on finding (and buying) the right pistol for me but I'm still confused on how I can purchase one being 18 (private sale, gifting,etc. Any help with this would be appreciated also). The thought of open carrying has crossed my mind a lot lately and I want to try it out. But I have some questions.

    Is there a certain way I have to carry the gun for it to be legal? Can it be loaded? Can I carry spare magazines? Is it worth it to OC while being so young or am I just gonna be detained time and time again. Any help is appreciated and I'm glad I joined!

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    Welcome to OCDO!!!!!!! It is always worth it to open carry. Stick around here and you will learn a lot. Here is some basic information on open carry in South Dakota.
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