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    Gun advice

    So I have been on these boards off and on for a while now and I am looking to purchase a new gun mostly for CC (I OC my 1911, and Colt Commando {its a pistol}) so what I am looking for, and forgive the naivety, but I am looking for a snub nose .38sp BUT the thing is I have bigger hands and do not like how bulk most grips are. Let me show you,

    seems like 9 out of 10 snubs are like this, with little room between the bottom of the trigger guard and the grip.

    This is more what I am looking for with more room

    So I like the Smith and Wesson Model 36 that I used as the latter example, I am wonder what other options you fellas (and maybe ladies) might know of, perhaps cheaper and more available than the 36.

    I hope this makes sense, I am not trying to be too picky I just didn't enjoy my first snub because the grip left for so little room. Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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    So what you are looking at is the difference stocks (grips to you who don't care to be pedantic) can make in how a gun fits your hand. You can pretty much replace one set for another as long as they are both designed for the handgun in question.

    Get yourself to a gun shop or a gun show and look at different grips on the same gun frame. There are more than just the 2 you posted pictures of, and if you luck out the person selling them will take the time to show you what they have in stock and let you try different grips on the gun you say you are looking to buy. Changing grips usually involves one screw, either in the middle of the panel or on the heel (bottom). Using gunsmithing screwdrivers that fit the slot properly prevents cosmetic scratches - this is not a case where "chicks dig scars" id what you are trying for.

    stay safe.
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    Are you saying you have a Colt "Commander"? I have never heard of a 'Commando' excepting an M-4, which is a rifle, or a revolver, not a pistol. The Commander is an excellent CC handgun. Just get the right holster for it. A Fobus or Blade-tech both work well for high concealed carry.
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    I have pretty big hands too. A Ruger SP works pretty well for me. (I have the older version when it was named "Security Six". I also find that I can shoot a Taurus 6 shot or Rossi 6 shot pretty well. The lighter framed 5-shot versions are "OK", but not as good a "feel" as the six shot versions. I have a devil of a time with the ultralights.
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    If one is available in your local gun store, give the S&W 686 Plus (4" barrel) a feel. With my hand in the upper side of average it's comfortable and works for both OC and CC.

    Here is a link
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