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Thread: Man beaten and robbed at Charlotte park.

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    Man beaten and robbed at Charlotte park.

    Hopefully this outcome will be different if it happens again after Dec. 1
    Walk softly and carry a large caliber.

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    saw this earlier...thought about how the situation might have turned out differently had the victim been armed.

    this crap sux man. to think that you can't enjoy a walk in a municipal park just burns me up. of course, my wife and i walk everyday in our neighborhood...and i already carry just in case some foolishness like this happens.

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    It is sad. A girl my wife works with was robbed in a Greensboro park a few months ago.

    The problem is, the more violence there are in parks, the more people will want the government to pass more laws that will protect them.

    People need to take responsibility for themselves. It is not the governements job to protect you, or raise your children, or feed your family.

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    So, Governor Bev, how are you feeling about putting off the law that allows us to carry in city parks until FREAKING DECEMBER now?

    How's that "gun control" thing working out for ya, Bev?
    “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”
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