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Thread: Interested in the Springfield XD .45 4" compact but.....

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    Interested in the Springfield XD .45 4" compact but.....

    ...I can't find one in my area to rent and shoot. Been to almost every gun shop/range in a 100 mile radius I'm relatively new to handguns but have taken basic safety class and my CHP classes. I've shot a 9mm and .40 in both Springfield XD and Glock compact and regular sizes. The XD's seem to fit me better and I shoot better with them it seems. My intent is to open carry mostly but possibly CC sometimes.

    I have held one in a shop that didn't have a range. It felt good! Question...what gun would most likely shoot like an .45 XD compact so I could get an idea of how it feels? As a beginner would I do better in some caliber other than a .45?


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    A .45 is an excellent round to start with. My first handgun was an original XD45. It has been a great gun, thousands of rounds through it with no issues. When it come to guns they are all unique so I would really recommend anything as being similar. If if is a gun, you want to carry, you should actually handle it or research it heavily. I'm kinda of surprised none of the gun stores/ranges have it to rent, they are very popular. Maybe one of the fine forum members might be able to have a meet-up with you, I'm sure one of them has one. Good luck.
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    glock 21. almost the exact same thing. then again the .40 cal glock you fired is just about the same but with a tiny bit less recoil. the XD's and the glocks recoil the same and generally shoot the same due to having the same dimentions, so try out the glock 21 if you love that, youll love the XDM ;-)
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