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Thread: Open Carry Acceptance Still Spreading

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    Open Carry Acceptance Still Spreading

    In an article at Cato, Ilya Shapiro mentions open carry in an almost casual manner, as though its existence is common, everyday, and well understood in our society:
    Of course, in DC, Chicago, and many other places ó which, after the recent Supreme Court rulings, must allow guns to be kept at home ó itís still illegal to carry a gun (open or concealed). If the thugs Mr. LaSalvia ran into knew the local gun regulations (as many professional criminals do) and accurately gauged their target as a law-abiding citizen, they would have known that he was bluffing.

    The article is titled Even Imaginary Guns Save Lives. Note the spin on the Guns Save Lives slogan and orange stickers.

    Cato, while freedom oriented, is not a 2A organization.

    I wonder if John and Mike realized how far we would get in a few short years. What is it? Just over five years, now?

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    It's good to see that OC is becoming more accepted and that we continue to get closer to reaching the goal. Unfortunately, too many people are not able to open carry, or even carry at all. So we all need to keeping working on it and stay vigilant.
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