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Thread: To Whom It May Concern

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    To Whom It May Concern

    As of 0823 this morning, 22 July 2011, I am no longer a member of I deleted my account.

    I took this action because I am entirely too old to put up with some of the childish behavior I am now seeing on that forum. I regret the necessity, but I will not be returning as a member.

    For those folks trying to get a nonprofit off the ground, separate from that forum, I will still do my best to work with and for you.

    For the folks who are still members of that forum: My beef is not with all the members, but there are some there who are, IMNSHO, giving gun owners in general a bad name with the public and with law enforcement agencies. For those of you who are honestly trying to make a difference and who are remaining polite and adult in your demeanor; I congratulate and applaud you. You have much more patience than I do.

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    We'll miss you. It should go without saying, but you're still welcome at meetings.

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