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Thread: About ECPD's Response time

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    About ECPD's Response time

    Im an armed security officer by trade and i recently had an encounter with ECPD in which a resident of one of the properties i patrol was being threated by lets just call her a "working girl" if he didnt hand over $20 just because she wanted it. The resident called the police to get help with the lady outside his house he never called the security company just the police. 2hrs later (called at midnight) as i was leaving the property ECPD officer came rolling in so of course i followed him and found out what happened. The cop actually told the resident during the interview to call us (the security company) because we have a faster response time (mandatory 15mins or less) than they do! This i find very interesting especially since i cant even on a call in my patrol car run redlights or flip on my whoopy lights on the public roads which everyone knows cops can do that just goin out for donuts (hehe) And a lady the other day actually asked me why i was carrying a gun at starbucks sheesh CA needs to get a clue the cops are always too far away to help but can get the guy after he murders ya. Which to me i dont think i would be caring about much after i been murdered any thoughts?

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    When seconds count.....

    So I guess we will have to modify the old saying......when seconds count to saving your life, El Cajon PD is HOURS away.......

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