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Thread: Richmond Times Dispatch article on Campus Carry

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    Richmond Times Dispatch article on Campus Carry

    From today's Sunday paper.

    "The issue of concealed carry on campus centers on the conflict between those who believe that firearms have no place in academic areas and those who believe that individuals who have the ability to defend themselves everywhere else should have the same ability on university campuses.

    The University of Virginia, like most public universities, maintains an open campus, meaning members of the public can come and go as they please. However, current university policy states that no person other than a law enforcement officer may possess or store a firearm or other weapon on campus.

    At first glance, this may appear to be a sensible policy, unless one examines its enforceability. On an open campus, there are no security checkpoints controlling who enters and exits and no means of preventing weapons from entering the campus.

    Therefore, under such a policy, the only people who would be prevented from possessing weapons are those with no intention of committing crimes in the first place. The effect is to create "defense-free" zones where criminals are free to roam with virtual impunity."

    Nice work from Zach of SCCC.

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    When I went to the University of Va, I had a pellet gun in my dorm room that I went plinking with in the nearby woods. I think about two years later they outlawed any kind of guns on campus, not sure why.

    You have to wonder what they're doing this gun ban for, since the campus is an open campus. I'd like to hear the logic behind it, if they can articulate it, which I doubt.
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    Hopefully this is not just going to happen in VA. This idea should spread through out to other states as well.
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    When I first went to college, I lived in a dorm my first semester and openly carried in my 12 gauge shotgun and stored it in my room. No Problem. Of course that was a small cow college and nearly 40 years ago.
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    From the editorial:

    As Cuccinelli points out, the policies of the University of Virginia do not hold the force of law and therefore cannot restrict where permit holders may carry. In addition, were the total ban to be made into statute and therefore hold force of law it would be found unconstitutional by previous rulings of the Virginia Supreme Court.

    This is the first time that I've seen this (bolded part) written down anywhere. If the colleges do proceed with their rumored plans to change these "policies" into "regulations" then the scenario the author is posing would become true.

    Will we then be required to sue to have the regulations overturned?

    If the colleges were smart, and they could see that inevitable result down the road, they would actually be much better off leaving their "policies" in place, than having their "regulations" overturned altogether.


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    Quote Originally Posted by TFred View Post
    .... If the colleges were smart, and they could see that inevitable result down the road, they would actually be much better off leaving their "policies" in place, than having their "regulations" overturned altogether.

    If the colleges/universities were smart, they'd rescind their foolish policies/regulations and let the existing state laws deal with inappropriate behavior.

    stay safe.
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    The universities seem to want to have two completely opposite thoughts with regard to the trustworthiness of the their students. On one hand they consider them not trustworthy enough to keep tools to keep themselves safe; however on the other hand they blindly let the students intermingle without consideration for sex, size or strength in dormitories, gymnasiums and elsewhere where one could be severely violated quickly if another didn't behave in a manner worthy of trust. If these students are not trustworthy then the men should be kept separate from the women and the bullies should be separated out from the herd in both groups. As is, the school let's them all mix up, along with the general public and its varying miscreants under the thought that they're all trustworthy, but the schools refuse to accept that these same students who are trustworthy not to use their hands, arms and sex organs in a violent manner are not worthy to be trusted should someone else behave in an untoward manner.

    Something doesn't compute.
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    Dang, jmelvin, there you go using mealy-mouth, nanny state rhetoric to point out their untennable position
    cheers - okboomer
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