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Thread: Nice Evening at Parkcenter Pond

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    Last night I took a friend to Parkcenter Pond so her dog could get some exercise. This was around 7:30 PM. I was open carrying my Springfield 1911 A1 stainless in a black leather holster on my right hip. We walked around to the back side, near the Barbacoa restaurant, so that her dog would have space (it's a mastiff so sometimes people get intimidated). We passed a few couples and families; people definitely noticed my carry but didn't visibly react. There is a trio of homeless drunks that hang out at the park in the evening and one of them said something about my gun, but I ignored him. We played with the dog and sat on a park bench for about an hour, just talking and enjoying each other's company. Barbacoa was doing a good business and there were a fair number of people eating outside - I'm not sure if they saw my firearm or not. An older gentleman came over our way and started fishing, definitely saw it, but just went on about his business. I did notice BPD slowly cruise by on Parkcenter Blvd. about 3 times, but no contact was made. All in all a good evening. The way OC should be.

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    yeah, I had a pretty positive experience the other night, too, in Cd'A. I rode my motorcycle down to the Pita Pit on Sherman, this was at about 10 or 11 at night, I guess. anyway, I walked in and put in my order. The girl behind the counter (REALLY cute!) noticed my gun and asked with a genuinely puzzled, but not really intimidated look on her face, "What's with the gun?" and I responded. "oh, I wear it for a lot of reasons. 'Personal protection' is what it really boils down to." She kinda smiled and asked, kind of teasingly, "You have a lot of people out to get you or something?" I chuckled at her demeanor and answered honestly, "Well... I guess one or two. But it's mainly just a general precaution." and she replied with something to the effect of "I see." we went on with the whole "What do you want on your pita" bit before she glanced up at me and said I have "very nice eyes."

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    i was there on sat and had a negative experience with 2 drunk homeless people on bikes. I was using a picnic table to eat lunch when 2 homeless drunks rode up on bikes and let me know that "the 3 tables belonged to them". I let them know that i was here first and that i wouldnt be moving. my 2 friends who were fishing noticed what was going on and walked up. The 2 homeless people then got on their bikes and went to the picnic tables near the restroom. I dont even think they noticed that all 3 of us were carrying...
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