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Thread: New OC Friendly Store, Cerberus Firearms, Salisbury, NC

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    New OC Friendly Store, Cerberus Firearms, Salisbury, NC

    Just wanted to introduce everyone to a new gun store in Salisbury. My friend Brandon has opened Cerberus Firearms located at 704-A Jake Alexander Blvd West, Salisbury, NC phone: 704-216-2101

    Their hours are:
    Tuesday-Saturday, 1000-1900

    They just opened last week, so the stock in limited, but more inventory is on the way. They'll also be at the Salisbury Gun Show this Saturday, July 30th.

    Most importantly, they are CC & OC friendly and didn't have a problem with me OC in their store!. They even agreed to put some of the OC flyers on display. Tell him the Cub fan sent you.

    [map]704-A Jake Alexander Blvd West, Salisbury, NC[/map]
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    I belong to RCWA and will make an effort to stop in when I go. Thanks.


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    Not out on Salisbury much, but if I am that way, I will make it a point to stop in.

    Nice to see a notice about a friendly business instead of an anti.....

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