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Thread: (((Bravo Portland Press Herald)))

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    (((Bravo Portland Press Herald)))

    And let's note that those who say it could have made a difference if Breivik had not been the only person with a gun on the island when he launched his killing spree make a good point.
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    It's the next two paragraphs that contain the real money quote:

    In any case, his bloody attacks raise a question that is being asked with more frequency than before: How can free societies defend themselves from those who use their liberties to plot and carry out deadly assaults on innocent people?

    Tragically, it is a far easier question to ask than it is to answer -- but part of the response has to be that giving up our liberties for safety is the one sure way to let the violent among us win. [emphasis added]
    What seems to my mind to be a tragedy piled on top of the original tragedy is that I'll bet the newspaper does not understand what they are saying.

    stay safe.
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