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Thread: Have You Been Harassed By The Philadelphia Police for the Practice of Open Carry?

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    Have You Been Harassed By The Philadelphia Police for the Practice of Open Carry?

    I'd like to get in touch with anyone who's willing to discuss some details about your encounters, if you have. I'm not referring to stuff that's already been posted on the forums before...if you have posted about it, stick a link in here, please, but if you haven't mentioned your encounter with the Philly PD, now is the time to speak up.

    Two ways to do this, if you're willing to talk about your experience. (This is beginning to sound like an intervention group...) First, you can post here. It'd be great if you can share as many details as possible, such as the names and badge numbers of officers involved, the location, date and time of the encounter, and other details.

    Alternatively, if you don't feel comfortable talking about it publicly, feel free to send me a PM here to talk privately. I will not share your encounter with the public, but it will help to establish a stronger case of a pattern of behavior within the city.

    So, open up. And, no ******** stories, please - if possible, I'd like to find the reports from these encounters, as well.


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    i had a minor incident a couple of years ago, actually, that i never mentioned. it was on Mother's Day; my brothers and i took our mom to see the Star Trek reboot movie at some mall (i don't know which one, i don't know Philly). i was walking down the street, and one cop was walking towards me, stopped short, and yelled at me to cover it up. he never demanded ID, or pulled his gun out, just that i conceal it. i did, just because i didn't feel like spending the day in cuffs instead of hanging out with my mom. i covered up, and kept moving.

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