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Thread: a visit to the DMV in B'ham

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    a visit to the DMV in B'ham

    I found a pistol my Sweet Baboo likes and wanted to purchase it. Well I am a bit slow to change. I moved about a year ago and neglected to make a change of address. I walked into the Dept of Motor vehicles yesterday and as always I took a seat at the front of the room. I waited for my number to be called (about an hour and a half) and went up front to be served. Rec'd my paperwork and proceeded to photo. Took a photo and left. about 75 or 80 people or so in the room

    The entire time my CZ was on my belt and the only comment was "What are you reading?"

    I have become..........Attachment 6471Attachment 6471 ...........invisible

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    Quote Originally Posted by MSG Laigaie View Post

    I have become..........Attachment 6471Attachment 6471 ...........invisible

    As it should be. +1
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    I was open carrying when I got my Washington State ID Card - for the sole purpose of not having to show my military orders when purchasing handguns . The only flak I got was from the guy behind the counter who told me that having a Washington State ID Card would invalidate my Wyoming Driver's license. I politely informed him that a) he was incorrect, and b) I was only asking him to perform his job and process my application, not to provide legal advice. He didn't say a word about my gun.

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    When I was there the summer before last I believe, they had a no guns sign on the window after posting it here, and the guy who called 911 on me outside the building. NavyLCDR at the time wrote a letter and the sign was removed.

    And the staff has never had problems with my OC there. I even took my motorcycle drive test on the course OC. And the photo lady laughed and joked with me. I have actually had overall unusually pleasant encounters with the DMV folks.

    Thank you for that John.

    And thanks John.
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