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Thread: Thank You Wyoming!!!!!!!!

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    Thank You Wyoming!!!!!!!!

    Hello Wyoming,

    Four of us enjoyed your glorious state for 7 days last week. We hiked, we photographed, we ate, we chatted with Wyoming residents, and we OCed.

    I wish I could live in Wyoming where the people are free and the government is respectful.

    The people were very nice.

    I love Wyoming!!!!!


    PS: Your wildlife is spectacular and your scenery is stunning!!

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    Thank you! My wife is a wyo native, and I have been a resident for eight years. This state has really grown on me! And I take pride in the respectfulness of the local government. I Admit, I do not feel the need to OC inside town or city limits. But while on the trail, you bet your boots I do. I have never encountered anyone on the trail who has a problem with OC. But every now and then I may get a concerned look. Those are best disarmed with a smile and a greeting. For the most part citizens in this state are used to seeing and handing firearms, I suspect this is why there isn't the nervousness encountered in other states. Did you guys OC in town while here?

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