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Thread: Stupid brain dead bimbo shoots daughter....

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    Angry Stupid brain dead bimbo shoots daughter....

    From LA no less....

    Mom accidentally shoots daughter with gun mistaken to be cigarette lighter

    A Banning woman accidentally shot her 12-year-old daughter after pulling the trigger of a miniature revolver she had mistaken for a novelty cigarette lighter, authorities said Thursday.

    Rachel Avila, 30, and her daughter were talking in front of their mobile home in the 100 block of North Phillips Street on Sunday when Avila spotted what she thought was a novelty cigarette lighter lying on the ground, said officials with the Banning Police Department.

    It was shaped like a miniature firearm, police said.

    Avila picked up the object and tried to light it by pulling the trigger, police said.

    The first time, nothing happened, but her second attempt released a 22-caliber bullet.

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    Duh! I guess it never occurred to her that if it looks like a gun, it just might be one!
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    Why would you pick anything up off the ground in front of your trailer home and then PLAY with it?
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    See it's not the smoking that kills you it's the lighting of the cigarette.
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