Fellow VCDL members,

VCDL here in greater SW Virginias will have a FAMILY POT LUCK PICNIC on 24 SEP 2011 at SETTLERS MUSEUM OF SW VIRGINIA at the picnic shelter near the museum. Hours: Early birds who want to help will start about 10 AM---food to be served at 11 AM---event will end about 3 PM. There is NO parking or entry fees to attend the picnic. There IS a $5 fee to go into the museum for the tour. This, is a FAMILY event, to include members, their families and any guests who want to attend. We expect Philip Van Cleave, President of VCDL to be our main speaker--and possibly a couple of political types may be there to give brief remarks.

This location was picked for several reasons, including we could not find an available location that would hold the expected turn out for this event further down I-81 toward Marion---this location is about 8--10 miles below Wytheville at Exit 54. Address is: 1322 Rocky Hollow Road, Atkins VA 24311. One of our members went to the location and says signs are well posted to the museum property. IF needed, we can give exact directions. We hope to get members from a wide area to attend.

POT LUCK means please bring enough food for your group and extra to share with others. There is no grills, so IF you are bringing food that must be cooked, please bring your grill !! VCDL will furnish plates, napkins, soft drinks; eating utensils and such. Anyone with a set of horse shoes, please bring them !! Extra tables and chairs may come in handy !!

This information will be in VA ALERT very shortly. Please notify any you think will be interested so they may attend the picnic !! We need local notices of this event !! RSVP is asked so we can plan for the necessary items. (we need NUMBERS !!)

Remember---VCDL does NOT tell you about YOUR CHOICE if you decide to wear your personal shooting iron--do it legally, concealed or open carry--or not at all--your choice.

Other coming events in lower SW VA:
Hillsville's monster gun show is coming up 2--5 SEP. 2011. This four day event needs our VCDL members to assist at our tables. Please send us the day (s) and hours you are available to assist!!

The Washington Co Fair grounds will again be the location of a gun show on 1--2 OCT--please help pass the "word" ---and yes, VCDL will have a table (s) there. IF you would like to help at this fun part of VCDL, please tell us what day you can work--and what hours.

"Later" events--possibly a supper meeting after the weather cools, depending on interest--again a location must be found.

540-890-0970 daily except Thursdays. and Sunday mornings.