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Thread: The Reagan Report - Article in the Baraboo News - Legal Guns would Make Norway Safer

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    The Reagan Report - Article in the Baraboo News - Legal Guns would Make Norway Safer

    In the Baraboo News Republic on Friday, the editorial section of the paper included this article from Michael Reagan - The son of Ronald Reagan. I could not get to the link on the Baraboo Republic because we do not Subscribe. But did find it on the web. This article is very positive and interresting with regard to CC. I have copied the link and hopefully it will work for anyone whom is interested. If not I will also show the Reagan Site. I have not seen this on the forum so if I duplicated something I appologize in advance.


    This article is on top of this web page
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    Nice article by Mr. Reagan, but the "facts" stated in the article are "dated". As of today, thirty seven states are "shall issue" and Vermont is Constitutional Carry and does not issue permits. (38 so far because Constitutional Carry is the highest form of "shall issue") Alabama is "may issue", but behaves like a "shall issue" state and WI will be "shall issue" on November 1, 2011. That leaves Illinois as the sole remaining "right denied" state, with New York (particularly in NYC), NJ, CT, RI, MD, MA, DE, and California in the "may issue" category where getting a permit is all about who you know and whether you have contributed enough to the Democratic Party.
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