Hey guys Ive got two private shoots scheduled for august. one is next week form 10am to 4pm and the other is the the 21st from 4pm to 10pm. the day shoot is $25 and the night one is $30. for the 7th there will be some potluck bbq action like last time and training in the covered area by the white board and bbq. we have a 50yrd range and access to the long range out cropping that goes out past 300 yars. some also do some skeet from that area too.

if you need more info feel free to pm me or check my website www.centurycitygunsafety.com for more details. also for the night shoot we are working on getting some apals lighting for each shooter to use during the shoot. A luma force dealer will also be around the range incase anyone is in to that kind of thing.