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Thread: Guns are not toys!

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    Guns are not toys!

    James Reynolds

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    Absolutely, guns are not toys. I never understand these stories. Why would you point a gun at another person in jest, unloaded or otherwise, and pull the trigger? Unlike some of the other stories this one involved a revolver. It wasn't a case of forgetting to rack the slide. It's fairly obvious when a revolver is unloaded. Regardless, you should never point a gun at anything you don't wish to destroy. I think there might be more to the story...
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    I read that story earlier Jim.
    Then I checked my Drivers License just to make sure I wasn't born yesterday.

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    Cool Just as I Thought...

    Quote Originally Posted by peter nap View Post
    I read that story earlier Jim.
    Then I checked my Drivers License just to make sure I wasn't born yesterday.
    At night.

    But not LAST night.
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    OH BOY, the Anti Guns are going to love this one for sure, and the family of the one killed will probably sue the gun manufacturer, after all the should not have fired if it was empty.....right

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    Clarke's girlfriend, 21-year-old Sharday Pleasants, told police that she and Clarke were pointing his revolver at one another and pulling the trigger. She told police that she watched Clarke empty the gun before they started playing with it and the shooting was an accident.
    Russian roulette is illegal.

    I think there might be more to the story...
    Must be.
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    How come a DUI you can get your driver licence back, which it is a privilege. But if commiting a felon, even something non violent like stealing, you are denied your constitutional rights for the rest of your life?
    If you don't support the Second Amendment to the Constitution, what other parts of the Constitution do you reject?
    More restrictions on guns? how about restrictions on chainsaws and knives?

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    Darwin at work. Hard to feel sorry for stupidity.
    In the final seconds of your life, just before your killer is about to dispatch you to that great eternal darkness, what would you rather have in your hand? A cell phone or a gun?

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    Nope, not buying it.

    Next week we'll probably read that the girlfriend had found out he was fooling around on her or something. Of course that had nothing at all to do with the 'accident'.....
    </speculation off>

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    Nothing to see here folks, just a little chlorine in the Gene pool.....

    It IS possible to miss a round when unloading a revolver. Following the basic firearm rules would still prevent tragedy. Unless further inquiry turns up some dirt, I will post this one to STUPIDITY.

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    Thank you, Darwin!

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