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Thread: Black Bear Diner

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    Question Black Bear Diner

    My wife and I had breakfast at Black Bear Diner yesterday, and on the way out I noticed a 'cute' sign of a star-man character with a pistol on his belt, which stated "No Open Carry." Black Bear does serve alcohol, so therefore OCing would be illegal there regardless, at least as I understand the law is written these days.

    This seems to be a rare case, as every other business I have been to either displays 'no weapons allowed' or doesn't state anything one way or the other. A business that seemingly does not have a problem with discreet carry, but does not welcome OC (even if they legally could, apparently).

    How does this make you feel?

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    Perhaps you are reading too much into it. Another way it could be seen would be that they are reminding you that you can not open carry since they serve alcohol.

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