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Thread: Moving to Sonoma County

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    Cool Moving to Sonoma County


    CCW certified in Missouri (and the other 37 states that comply). Now I find I'm being transferred to CA, and I gotta admit I'm bummed and pissed about the restrictions. I now understand why our training classes referred to CA as a "different country" all together. That being said, I'm proud to stand with you all in hopes of getting our rights recognized and implemented there.

    So here's my questions: Does anyone have information/experiences/warnings or insights about open carry in the Northern Cal area? How uptight are they, and do the officers look for opportunities to give oc people a hard time? Also, if there are any clubs, associations or places to get together, that would great to know too!


    "A potential thief comes into a neighborhood where he knows 45% of the people are NRA, gun-carrying, weapon trained citizens. The other 55% are not. What will that thief do? Ans: Find another neighborhood. They aren't smart, but they AIN'T stupid. Support the NRA!~"
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    look us up on facebook, link below, and also here
    Nor-Cal oc
    CCOC link below

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