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Thread: Richmond OC Breakfast Sat 8/6/11 - MOVED - different tme & place this Sat only

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    Richmond OC Breakfast Sat 8/6/11 - MOVED - different tme & place this Sat only

    Grapeshot has farther to travel these days, so has asked for a change of time and venue for this coming Saturday only. He says he can't eat breakfast and then make it to lunch since lunch was moved so far away

    Therefore, because we all want to be fair about things, we have agreed to let him eat breakfast at Pocahontas State Park Shelters #5 & #6 as he helps set up for the picnic.

    Anybody wanting to go help him is invited to go and try not to get in the way. Otherwise, we hope to see you there between roughly 11AM and 2PM for the picnic lunch.

    stay safe.
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    Reminds me of what me ol' Dad used to say... "God save me from people who want to help me."

    And then there's the fortune cookie I got once, not much of a "fortune", but read, "Why do you hate me? I've never helped you!"
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