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Thread: Positive Park Reports but we STILL need to break the stereo type!!!

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    Positive Park Reports but we STILL need to break the stereo type!!!

    I hike North Mountain Park and have CCed in the past. After reading up here I was ready to OC.
    While driving by I saw a park ranger and decided to pick his brain to see what he knew. Although I was OCing, I remained seated in my car. I played dumb and asked about a painted over portion on the park regulation sign. He played dumb too until I specified I was inquiring about the firearms restrictions and the fact the state of AZ regs now trump the city regs regarding the 2A. He said "oh yeah, I didn't want to come out and just say you could bring your gun to the park, but you are obviously are an informed and responsible citizen so yes, you can carry in the park." I asked about OC vs. CC and he said he prefers OC because he can see who is armed.

    Although the park reg sign at the entrance we were at didn't have a firearms restriction, the one at the main gate still does and he said we just don't have the budget to paint over all the signs. I had to go but I wished I had told him to just use a razor to scrape it off, next ranger I see I will suggest it. Otherwise someone else reading the reg sign and seeing an OCer might make a MWAG call.

    Anyway, I have since hiked several times and have... seen a lady ranger coming down as I was going up, I made a point to say hi, so prob. A 2 man brush cutting crew, I said “I thought cutting my bushes sucked” They chuckled. And another park ranger emptying trash cans at the trailhead who I am sure saw me OCing, I said hello and smiled.

    On a psychological note, a lady's pooch ran up to me and we exchanged pleasantries talked about her dog and pets for a few minutes. Only after I was about to depart she said "OMG I didn't realize you were carrying a gun, you were so friendly!"

    2 things didn't really hit me until later.

    First: This is the second time where I was talking with someone in close proximity and they didn't notice I was OCing. People don't notice what they are not looking for.

    Second: The whole “wow you were soooo friendly I am surprised you are a gun owner"....has strengthened my resolve to OC and encourage others to do so as well so the we can help to normalize the sight of responsible citizens exercising their 2a rights.
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    Park signs still read no guns... blah-blah. People here (including me) have always carried guns in the parks w/o any problem from the Rangers prior to the 'law'... if you ever even encountered one. It's the desert... we carry guns. Get over it. They don't tend to roam too far off pavement.

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