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Thread: Ruger Mark II Target Pistol

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    Ruger Mark II Target Pistol

    Bought a new Ruger, a .22 target model.
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    The new ones are Mark III, like my 22/45 I bought last year. Great target guns at a very good price. All are ten round "magazines" --not clips, even in Free States. Have fun with it.
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    I've had a Mark II Target (blued) for about 20 years. I put a Burris LER Scope on it right after I got it. Its a tack driver. One of my favorite pistols.

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    Mine has target grips, slab side, and a halo sight, it gave the wife her confidence back at the range. Tear down RTFM... not bad easy to do and once you have done it next time will be a snap, so do not believe any of the nay sayers you may hear on how bad they are to take down and clean.

    Oh and keep an eye on the set screw for the sights I had to thread lock mine.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by DardanosPorter View Post
    Hello friend,

    Thanks for your sharing and valuable information. I love my mark II Pistol. As for the take down, it can be kind of tricky. I have begun to take the grips off, pour a little gun cleaner on the internals and spraying it off with the air compressor. It gets a lot of the heavy stuff out without tearing down. Then, every once in a while I completely tear down to get everything nice and clean.
    Hope these tips help you a little bit!

    Thanks a lot again
    Dardanos Porter
    I have the Hunter Mark III and inspite of having had handguns for 60+ years and field stripping the Mark III several times I still find it a pain to field strip. Take down is easy, putting it back is the problem, so I use the method you describe and it works great with cheap compressor.

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    We've always had Ruger .22 pistols. My grandfather only owned two guns when I was growing up. An Ithaca .410 single-shot and a Ruger .22 Standard with 4" tapered bbl.

    My dad has a 6-7/8" Government Model Mark II that hits everything he's ever aimed it at. He takes out snakes from 20 paces routinely.

    I finally accidentally acquired one of my dream guns, a 10-1/2" stainless bull bbl Mark II. Wow, is that thing muzzle heavy. I've only just started to put it through its paces. Next I need to find a good OC holster for a monster like that.

    I handled a new Mark III once. Once.

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    Ruger holster

    Most of the Rugers will fit a revolver holster fairly well, and you can get those dirt cheap in the used bins of many gunstores and gunshows , but one for a 10 1/2inch barrel may be hard to find .

    If you cant find anything or want something special get ahold of me
    Ive got an interest in making holsters for the Ruger.22 series

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord_Kalen View Post
    Most of the Rugers will fit a revolver holster fairly well, and you can get those dirt cheap in the used bins of many gunstores and gunshows , but one for a 10 1/2inch barrel may be hard to find .

    If you cant find anything or want something special get ahold of me
    Ive got an interest in making holsters for the Ruger.22 series
    try these guys, they make a nice holster
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    I have the III 22/45 and LOVE IT! I have loaded it down with all the VQ goodies as well as parts from the guru's over on rimfirecentral and now have an extremely accurate and FUN little pistol!

    Exact Edge Extractor,
    SureStrike Firing Pin,
    Target hammer,
    Target sear,
    Target trigger w/ over-travel screw, return trigger plunger spring and polished plunger,
    V-Comp Compensator,
    Titanium Disconnecter.

    Mag disconnect removed using Sam's hammer bushing and I installed bpatza @'s Loaded Chamber Indicator (LCI) Cover.

    Grips and Mag Bumpers by TechTeach @

    Hammer bushing from Sam Lam @

    Cocking Handle by Brian Alcaraz, @

    I Throated her and polished the feed ramp too.

    The trigger is MUCH lighter and breaks nice and clean with NO creep and no over-travel. Once I adjusted the take-up as far as I could and still get reliable reset I am left with about 1/32" take-up before you feel resistance then she breaks like glass at maybe a pounds pressure! I doubt I will be making any changes to the setup from this point on other than a special set of grips I have coming!

    I have a total of only $258.43 in her not counting the original cost of the gun and Red Dot which was $350 so the total investment is $608.43 and well worth every penny to me!
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    I've never owned a Ruger MkII or III, but I have shot them and I love them. The next small-caliber pistol I buy will be one.

    I prefer the older models to the newer polymer frame Ruger .22s. I think they ar better balanced and have MUCH less perceived recoil.

    The thing that has always impressed me about this gun is that they are spot-on accurate--even straight out of the box. And an accurized Ruger with a match-grade barrel and good optics is practically unbeatable for accuracy.
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