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Thread: Calloway County Courthouse

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    Calloway County Courthouse

    Went to the Calloway County Courthouse to get a new driver's license because I changed addresses. I was carrying on the way there, but was not in the mood to get into a battle with the sheriff's deputies when I walked inside so I stored my gun in the truck. As I walked inside I looked at the signs on the door. One read absolutely no weapons of any kind. When I walked in the deputy was very nice so I decided to strike a conversation with him. I asked why there was a sign on the door that said I could not bring my gun inside, being this is a courthouse but a building that holds other offices inside of it. He said that you were not allowed to bring a gun inside a courthouse and it was state law. I politely said that I thought the rule was more specific and that the krs reads that you cannot bring a gun into a courtroom and that the city did not have the right to prevent me from open carrying into the offices within the building. He had nothing more to say except that this was a courthouse and that I couldn't bring a gun inside. Was I right in this situation?

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    I'm glad.

    I'm glad that people are starting to ask why these courthouses and judges are working as if the law doesn't apply to them. Now we can hope that people start to demand that they start to act within the law. Depending on the offices inside the courthouse you're right that they can't prevent you from open carrying your gun lawfully. Gutshot has explained very patiently in the past the intricacies of the courthouse ordeal. I hope that the more people are unreasonably searched to pay their taxes or get a marriage license that they will begin to stand against this type of abuse of power.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gutshot View Post
    This has been asked and answered many times here. I just posted an answer to the same question last night in the thread directly under this one. You can find the answer quicker than I could type it if you just look and read.
    Gutshot, maybe it's time to post a FAQ like we use in Washington State. We added a little history lesson as well as answers that are backed up by State & Federal Code.
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