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Thread: How OC should go.

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    How OC should go.

    I went to Maverik on Antelope in Clearfield for a soda the other day. I was OCing and noticed there was a young Clearfield PD officer in there getting a soda as well. I walked by and he gave me a friendly "Hi". I said "Hello". I grabbed my drink and got in line to pay and he stood in line behind me. I paid and left. That was it. That's how OC should go.

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    Nice. Glad it went well for you. Don't try that at the Maverick in Washington Terrace area. Had Weber County Sheriffs stop me as well as an encounter with the manager telling me she'd appreciate if I didn't carry.

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    Like everyone else states....if someone tells you I appreciate if you would not carry....then you just tell them "I'll take my business else where then, have a nice day" As far as local enforcers go....if its legal then there's not much else they can do, other than trying to act all brody or up tight in public view.
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    Your title says it best - that is how OC should go.
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