I turned on the news last night on Komo 4, just in time to see 4 shooting reports in a row, 3 of which were not even in this state. Are they trying to scare the public, so that when they see a citizen with a gun they freak out. Their report is very incomplete and had little tidbits of information. It is nice to know we have the "law" on our side as we open carry.

We came to Lynnwood for the night and have had no problems coming and hopefully going.

Dined at Shari's at Union Gap on the way down.
Visited Wally world, 7-11, and stayed at the La Quinta, and nary a word was said.

After leaving the tri-cities, My wife saw the trees as we were coming in and said "Feels like coming home, doesn't it?" I have a feeling we will wind up back on this side sometime in the next year.